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Batch Exports Not exporting planet geometry features

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:45 pm
by emccrckn
When I do a batch export with randomization (basic, seeds, colors, all sections) I am only getting maybe one or two out of 5 exports with the proper planet geometry. Others look to be completely smooth. When exporting manually and manually randomizing between exports the mesh geometry looks fine.

Re: Batch Exports Not exporting planet geometry features

Posted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:31 pm
by Ignishot
Does it have a proper progress bar when generating textures? I've quickly tried on my pc and it seems to work correctly.
Also, to be clear, when you say 'completely smooth', that mean no height maps? everything at the same level?
Can you also make a try with Random seeds, colors and all sections (no basics, no advanced) to see if it's link to some extremely bad values.

On a personnal note, I really dislike that batch generation I think that it's a bad way of working, you'll probably have 10% of nice planets doing so, and it's quite optimistic :)

Anyway, can you send me your log file after the export, it should be in SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Grand Designer\GrandDesigner64_Data\output_log.txt. Send it to bug(at), I'll check what's going on ...