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Update 0.0.6

Post#1 » Wed Jul 15, 2015 2:08 pm

The first update is online and it fixes several bugs and brings some new features:

Fixes :
    Interface : Reset is now working with min-max sliders
    Interface : Change default values for ice caps (was too random)
    Export : Background export with TGA was broken - fixed
    Export : When exporting background, the default filename was the name of the planet preset - fixed
    Export : Ring texture had the wrong resolution - fixed
    Post effects : Deactivate post effects when in solo/layer mode
    Planet generator : Artefacts were appearing if you update a value and the planet was turning – fixed
    Configuration : Fixed a bug that prevents some options to be saved correctly.

New features :
    Interface : You can now toggle the complete interface on and off with the F11 key. This allows you to take screenshots/videos without the UI.
    Interface : Addition of a reset button for the current edition mode.
    Interface : Addition of a button that shows release notes (in the options window).
    Interface : Zoom speed is now tunable and the middle mouse button can be used to zoom too (the mouse wheel is kept as well).
    Interface : Add manual input of values for sliders and min-max sliders (just click on the values to edit them – use return or enter to validate). Accuracy has been upgraded to 4 decimal numbers.
    Export : Exports options for the background are now exposed. You can chose to export in RGB or RGBE, in 8bits per component or 16bits per component (pro dlc only)
    Post effects : Toggle all post effects with a single button
    Post effects : Addition of a sharpen post effect
    Background generator : Addition of a sun tab to control visibility, sun scale, sun glow intensity, sun hue, sun saturation, light color and light intensity.

Once again, thank you for your support. I will continue to fix, update and improve the product by listening at your reports and comments.

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